Friday, July 20, 2012

writing is easy they said I

Writing is never been easy for me. I hate writing, and I never passionate about it. It might be related on how I don't like to read. I thought that I am just a normal person that don't like to read because reading are for "the one", some one who just born with love with books.

I just don't like to read, thus I made lots of excuses. But it starts to change, I just know that I need to find the book I am passionate about because I am not at the stage where I can digest everything that I read yet.

I found that I am still struggling to find who am I and what I want to be in my life, and that kind of book that will interest me the most.

I still want to improve myself as a better person, and that kind of book will steal my attention from TV.

Back to the title about writing.

Then, I decided to give it a try, here in this long forgotten blog about me. I try to write because I've read a lot for this past week. Lets give it a try, and it supposed to be a lot of easier after five visit reports that I made this past week, I said to myself.

It's not easy and it's never been easy when I tried to put the best arrangements of words that can move people. This would be a trial part one of my writing. It will improves some day, and I am getting better with this, I believe.