Monday, February 11, 2013


Hi everyone, I am happy to be here in Taipei on Chinese New Year. I decided to not going back home, to Jakarta, Indonesia. Simply, because I want to spend more time here in Taipei.

I am home alone here in Taipei. Without friends, because all of them decided to going home. I am not regretting my decision to not going home. I think I can make use of my time to explore my surroundings, without friends.

Lets not emphasize on the words "without friends", I am happy with or without friends. At least, I am trying too. Ahhahaha...I decided to make polvorone, but I haven't bought the materials yet. I will do it, maybe around 4 o'clock, because I would like to avoid the sun. I just had laser on last Wednesday, and my face is improving quite a lot. But I hope it last forever, because I read somewhere that it won't be permanently.

Right now it's a bit swollen, which make me looks chubbier and healthy skin. We will see in a month. Anyway, I am gonna make polvorone!! Yeayi!!