Saturday, November 12, 2011

I don't like to read...Please help me!

I don't like reading, in anyway. And you may realize it when you read what I wrote.

I don't know when I start say NO to books. I never had a novel when I was a kid, even when the Harry Potter stroke the entire world, I never even read it.

It's been painful when I read, it's boring. But I try to like it. This is my story on my first attempt.

I was in Manila, when I found an abundance of books in a really cheap price. My first English book is "Think", I remembered I bought it for 50 pesos. I tried to like it, I read in my bed, and in my flight back to Taipei. But, I always have an excuse to unfinished the book. I bought it on August 13, and I haven't even finish it until know.

Then, I got another chance to back to Manila on Nov, 2, I am much more interested in buying books rather than clothes. It's like book heaven there for me. Btw, yeah, the clothes are cheap there. But the books are extraordinary cheap. 

I never know writer who is good and famous. So I pick book in this order:
1. It has to be cheap, 200 pesos is the max.
2. The cover should be good, so when I bring it with me, it will draw attention.
3. The title should make me look smart, even it will take a mammoth effort to read it, or I won't even read it eventually.

On my books hunting, I accompanied by my friend who I will say that he is as crazy as I do. He told me also his experience with books. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell ya, we bought the same book on August 13. 

He explained to me on how he tried to read the books. He brought the book to starbucks, sit there with his book, he felt people might think he was so smart and cool, but in the other hand, he was kept saying "boring..boring" while flipping the page.

We both understand how difficult it is to read. I felt I have some one out there.

I don't like to read, but I like to be surrounded by people who like to read, because they will keep feed me information.

I like to interact better than read, maybe I should just hang out with book lovers, and ask them to feed me. Mmm.. I felt I am such a spoiled brat fed my brain with a silver spoon.

Anyway, I will be happy if you read this, and I will be more happy if you give me constructive input, not a destructive critique that will damage my first attempt to write and read.


Octa Bun