Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zamboanga Philippine part 1

Yeayi..Have my winter holiday in  Philippine, it is my first went to Philippine. I went there with Shun Shimada and Louise Li. We went there with Cebu Air because we got cheap price from Taipei. We will visit Zamboanga, Davao and Manila for 10 days.

I was so excited!!

My friend Mike, he is Zamboanganese, picked us from Airport and then have our first breakfast. We ate Satti

We were so tired, because we took late night flight (cheaper flight), and straight from Manila to Zamboanga. So our first plan was sleep and went to Hotel in Zamboanga for swimming and eat!!

Flight from Taipei to Manila

Manila Airport

Me and Louise

Shun and Louise


Flight from Manila to Zamboanga

Yooo...arrived at Zamboanga Airport


Breakfast again at Morning Satti

Like Sate in Indonesia but have smaller meat and different sauce


Hotel near Zamboanga beach

Sweet Girls

Yups, our dear friend Mikey!!

I prefered not to swim, I was so tired

For dinner was seafood, Mike's father treated us!! 

Famous Philippine Mangoes

Philippine Mangoes are smaller than Taiwan Mangoes

Coconut drink!!

Mike's mom and dad

The food

Huge crabs!


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