Monday, February 13, 2012

5 minutes before sleep

On my lunch time, I read my favorite blog  and she won the International Blog Awards from Bloglovin. Truly, I am so damn happy. I like her blog so much, because she's telling her life through her blog and that's what I am trying to do.

I love how Kenza Zouiten didn't even care about who is the hottest blogger or how she would impressed the readers and stuff, she just being her self. She just 20 years old, still so young and I am so envy her. I wish I still have time to be like her..ahahhahah..*wishing*

Anyway, when I am into something, I will do it no matter how tired I am. Like now, it's almost 1 a.m and I still write the blog. Because just in sudden after I knew Kenza won the award, it does strike me with an englightment of blogging. It really doesn't matter who read and who care for what I read. The blog is for me to enjoy myself and to improve my self.

It's my Facebook now. 

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