Saturday, February 4, 2012

Office in Saturday

I have an office on Saturday, it's because I (all who working in Taiwan) have 1 day extended holiday for Chinese New Year, so the next week all workers in Taiwan need to replace the holiday given by working on weekend.

I almost couldn't wake up this morning. It's Saturday, my body already sets their own alarm to rest today.

But, I like to have an office in Saturday. Am I weird?, not really, I don't have much thing to do on Saturday. As a sales, I need to call customers every working day. Since it's Saturday, I won't have any customer to call, but still I need to do what left on Friday.

This is the cute pink watch I wear today.

My friends from Tainan will come for a visit later in the evening, I was intended to sleep like a baby tomorrow Sunday, but they won't come often so I need to bear it.

Later we will go to Costco and dinner.

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