Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Post New Year

It's been two months since New Year. I have my resolution for this New Year that I will at least more productive than last year.

It's true that I got the job here in Taipei, like what I wished for and I really thank God for giving me the opportunity. When I was at school, I'd hoped that if I find job in Taipei, I would take this opportunity seriously. I will learn Chinese, improve my English, make more friends, and update my blog more often and shop like crazy.

But I don't do any of that, I have no idea why I don't get any passion (精神Jīngshén) to do so. I start work on September, I gave my self 4 months to do nothing and just to enjoy what I got and will start to improve my self on January.

It's been more than a month and I do nothing. I wish by blogging I can improve what I expected, readers will be my passion. Finger crossed.

I want to share more today, but it almost past my lunch time. Can I share my work pressure here? I know there is some rule in blogging that try as positive as you can be, let see if I can hold the pressure in my heart.

Let's have some Chinese words today Yeayiiiiiiiii...
拍賣Pāimài = auction
超级 商城Chāojí shāngchéng = supermall
     超级 = super
     商城 = department store
高級 Gāojí = high level

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  1. Hi There!

    In the USA, new years is 1 January. Is that the same for you. (I was going to write more but my dog is trying to type on laptop to you)...Ok, he laid down now.

    Passion...I have some mental health problems and one big one is depression. When depressed, I have zero passion.

    I have left depression behind and I am finding my passions again. I wish u good luck on yours!