Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I am usually back from office around 18.30, have dinner and then back home and shower. It's 20.00 by the time I'm done with everything and try to do what I supposed to do! studying English or Chinese, and I just realize that I only have 3 hours each day after office. What!!!??

That's all that I have?! It justify why I haven't start my studying, I don't have time..ahahhahaha. But, I need to study a bit, each day just a bit. And you my reader!! will help me out. You may also join me to study.

Start from tonight, we will study a bit of English and Chinese. Okay lets start with Chinese. I will have new post just for English.

Qíngrén jié kuàilè= Happy Valentine
理想情人的溫馨陪伴Lǐxiǎng qíngrén de wēnxīn péibàn= The warm companionship of an ideal lover
    理想lǐxiǎng  =dream, ideal
    情人qíngrén = lover
    溫馨wēnxīn = warm
    陪伴péibàn = company

Yo...Happy Valentine in advance, I hope I won't that lonely on that day T.T

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  1. Hi!

    You sound very busy and I am impressed with your goals. Can I help you with english, my native language? No way will I try chinese because I think it would be too hard.

    I do know some italian and german.